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We can proudly say that our family has not only been local to Capdepera for generations but has also been very active in giving shape to the area and surroundings.

Our Grandfather followed his fathers steps as a merchant, delivering goods made out of “Llata” and eadibles like fruit and wheat directly from Capdepera to the rest of Europe on his sailing boat.

From 1931-1936 he became the mayor of Capdepera as he had an amazing instinct and saw the potential the area had as a holiday destination. He was responsible for projects such as the roads between Capdepera and Artá, and Cala Ratjada to Font de sa cala.

If you take a close look at all pictures hanging in the hall and inside the apartments you will realize that all these belong to our family story which we wanted to share with you to make you feel like you are part of us even if it’s only for a few days.

These accommodations we are offering to you carry a long history which we will be revealing on our regular blog posts. This is how we want to honor our grandfathers work and keep the family tradition alive.

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